Research - Welcome to the EASEL Group!

(Education, Autonomous Systems, and Energy Laboratory)

Research Topics

Optimal control and estimation - biomedical, robotics, and aerospace applications
Power and energy systems - analysis, optimization, stability, and control
Engineering education - persistence, self-efficacy, teamwork, test anxiety
Autonomous aerial and ground vehicles - design, path-planning, computer vision, machine learning


Nitish Chennoju
B.S. Computer Science and Engineering

Tara Esfahani
B.S. Aerospace Engineering

Giovanni Gutierrez
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Lawrence Lu
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Michael Sutherland
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Former students:

Sammi Chook, B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCI

Sakeena Fiza, B.S. Computer Science and Engineering, UCI

Shayla Patel, B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, UCI

Malik Evans, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Alabama A&M University

Rick Meade, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

Shashwat Sparsh, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

Marcus Rodriguez, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

An Dang, B.S. Computer Science, UCI

Kyle Adamos, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

Randall Cheng, B.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, UCI

Elizabeth Suarez, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

Aniekan Ruffin, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Alabama A&M University

Ashutosh Ajay Shah, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, UCI

Interested students:

Contact me if you are interested in doing research! Please send me a brief description of your interests and an unofficial transcript. Talk to me about enrolling in EngrMAE 199. Consider applying for UCI's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP).